The American Dream, in Canada??

(Photo: Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

Timothy Smeeding, Economics Professor and NYT Journalist, recently discussed a lagging American social mobility in his article “Living the American Dream (in Canada)”. With all of the Occupy Wall Street movement and income inequality talk, it is fascinating to analyze how our culturally similar neighbors to the north achieved this prosperity.

“Canada has more effective public investments in education, including nearly universal preschool, effective secondary schools and high rates of college completion. And the Canadians are much more generous to low- and middle-income families, including child allowances and tuition breaks for university education… Unless the U.S. can learn from countries like Canada how to enhance mobility, Americans in search of an equal-opportunity society might just as well move north.”

The balance of economic equality lays with our leaders. We need to implement similar policy measures to achieve a more balanced educational equality. Federal and local governments seemingly revert to previous measures in attempt to fix new problems. The physical and financial cost of higher education is starting to outweigh the benefit earned from a bachelor’s degree. Graduating Seniors are fighting for jobs, most of which will be underemployed. How much will a college degree be worth to my kids?

CTV News had a recent article, “In Canada, unlike the US, the American dream lives on”.

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