Racism, History, & the Noose

This video was shown in my sociology class, it displays graphic and disturbing pictures. CNN interviewed Jim Allen, a lynching photograph collector, for a special on the noose. I cannot even imagine the pain that these black individuals went through. They had been beaten, sexually abused, burned, stripped naked, and lynched. The white men in the pictures treated the black men like animals, completely desensitized to what was happening.

In the interview, Allen explained that humans tend to forget horrific events, which emphasized the necessity of knowing our history in my beliefs. These painful photos of our countries past need to be analyzed in educational systems, to raise awareness and hopefully prevent a reoccurrence. The image from Texas, of Leege Daniels, a sixteen-year old black boy who was hung from a tree in the middle of a crowd, left the greatest impact. White fathers and sons gathered, satisfied in their accomplishments, initiating a new generation of racists.


2 thoughts on “Racism, History, & the Noose

  1. Having earned myself a B.A. in History I’ve done a lot of studying on this subject. It’s amazing and, well, hard to look at, study, and remember. Hopefully, despite the racism still present in this country (and the world over), the USA is far from this ever happening again.

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