SprinkleBit #Social Investment Network

“When you´re the smartest investor in the room, you´re in the wrong room.”

I was recently contacted by SprinkleBit, a startup based out of San Diego, California, inquiring my assistance in the development and marketing of the new site to Western Washington University. The founder and CEO, Alexander Wallin, pioneered the basis of the website while researching at UCSD with the help of Professors Dr. Ross Star and Dr. Alex Kane. They formulated the Voting Power Model. SprinkleBit is the social network of the investment world, a leader in accelerating the current financial industry revolution. Through discussion, interactive education, and hands-on investing, SprinkleBit creates a community environment, allowing you the opportunity to take your investing to the next level.

I have enjoyed getting to know the platform over the last week. I highly recommend that you create an account and join my pool, WWU Investment Club. The developers, who are based in Sweden, are constantly adding updates that make the user experience better every day. SprinkleBit allows the user to create a profile, add your own blog, manage a personal portfolio, join pools and tournaments, compete in the Major Leagues of Stock Trading, and to get educated on investing — all with support of the community. I invite you to join me on SprinkleBit and become one of the first to experience the best online community for investors.