Bond King Jeffrey Gundlach

Barry Ritholtz interviewed Jeffrey Gundlach in his first episode of a new Bloomberg View podcast called Masters in Business. The one-on-one interview premise focuses around how each person got their start and what forces have shaped their economic and investing views. Twenty one shows have been recorded, with Rob Arnott coming up next week.

Upcoming Schedule:

  1. Rob Arnott (July 19)
  2. Arthur Levitt (July 26)
  3. Michael Mauboussin (August 2)
  4. Jack Brennan (August 9)
  5. Jim Chanos (August 16)
  6. Sheila Bair (August 23)
  7. James O’Shaughnessy (August 30)
  8. David Rosenberg (September 6)
  9. Larry Swedroe (September 13)