TGR Almost Ablaze Soundtrack

TGR’s latest film “Almost Ablaze” is by far the best ski movie of 2014. One big takeaway: keep an eye on Angel Collinson, she killed the opening segment, and Nick McNutt, who rides switch out of everything. From Jackson Hole blower pow to numerous jaw-dropping lines in BC, the Tetons, Bosnia, AK… the movie does not disappoint.

With many resorts across the Rockies and Northeast already open, and areas in the Northwest set to roll this week (word on the street is Thursday Mt. Baker opening), below you’ll find an awesome soundtrack to get you psyched on your drive to the slopes. Caught a Ghost “No Sugar in My Coffee“, ODESZA “Say My Name“, “Faded Remix“, “Memories that You Call“, Lust for Youth “Armida“, Breton “S4“, Wise Blood “Alarm“, Hozier “Take Me to Church“… sooooo many good songs!

Snow Dog: Powder Skiing with Paws

Bernese Mountain Dog Snow Mt. Baker

My dog loves to go to the mountain. She knows where we’re headed the night before as I lay out the gear. 6:15 AM rolls around and her paws dance across the hardwood floors, excited to hit the hour and twenty-minute drive.

We stop for breakfast at Maple Fuels before proceeding deeper into the North Cascades. Arriving at the mountain Lola jumps from her crate onto the growing snowbanks, hopping through pillows that surround the parking lot and chasing snowballs. The beauty of being about 3 feet tall is that most storms bring powder days for my friend. It doesn’t take much to tire her out so she recoups in the truck while I hit the slopes.

On a typical resort day, we repeat this process at lunch and after last chair then she sleeps during the drive home.

A video posted by @aaroncareaga on Nov 11, 2013 at 12:13pm PST


Lola’s goal is to venture beyond the resort area this season. She’s warmed the paws on hikes throughout the fall and seems ready to step up her winter game. I’ve been apprehensive to bring her with the past few seasons because ski touring is tough. Planning, assessing risks, packing the right gear, and managing a group is very rewarding but not an easy task.

Do you ski with your dog? Any advice on gear, training, or personal experiences is much appreciated.

Her enthusiasm reminds me of my early days skiing. The anticipation, enthusiasm, adrenaline, and exhaustion that comes with a day in the mountains is universal. It’s easy to lose sight of these feelings as we age and obligations arise. But I am thankful I have Lola to keep me grounded.

Powder Snow

I hope everyone is having a great season!

The snow seems to keep getting better and better. Last couple weeks at Baker have been quite impressive — definitely a great (what might be) last season up here. Here is a photo of Nick and myself on a recent bluebird pow day. If you are looking for a fully customizable unique ski jacket, I highly recommend checking out NWT3K.


Mt. Baker – Powder Skiing

Wowwww! The snow has been insane lately. Mt. Baker holds the highest base in North America and is getting slammed with light, fluffy powder (78+ inches in the past week). Checkout this edit I made — a couple runs skiing with my good friends Nick Marvik, Justin Duclos, and Wiley Chubb.

Shout out to NWT3K, supplying the best jackets on the hill.

Mt. Baker – (1/16/12) from Aaron Careaga on Vimeo.

Music: Cypress Hill – Another Body Drops